Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving {Week}

Thanksgiving dinner...we had more food then we could ever eat

Ty preparing the lobsters that he brought from his dive in Del Mar...Yummy!!!

Turkeys running around in my parents backyard, the kids loved watching them!

Mimi making homemade chicken noodle soup with her grandkids

Ty took his boys shooting at Sly Park for the day

The boys finally convienced Ty to go on a ride with them...20 miles to be exact.

Papa with his cute grandkids

Cody & Chris both forgot their belts so they went in Mimi's closet and found some scarf's to wear as belts

We spent the entire Thanksgiving week up in Granite Bay. We had 14 adults and 16 kids with us the whole week. We all had so much fun being together even though at times it was very chaotic. All it seemed like we did was cook and then clean even though it never looked like it. The highlight of the trip for the kiddos was going to visit uncle Bones (my mom's brother) at the fire station he works at. The kids rode in the fire truck, tried on a fireman's uniform, squirted water out of massive hoses, and took a tour of the firehouse. We also celebrated Lucy's 1st birthday and Joe's birthday at Mikuni"s. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving vacation with the family. Thanks Mom & Dad for putting up with all of us, you are the BEST!!!