Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pre K

Luke started his final year of preschool before he goes to Kindergarten. He loves his preschool, his classmates and his 3 teachers. I am very lonely when he is at school for 3 hours. I miss my little buddy!!! I am going to have to get used to it because from here on out the amount of time I have with him will get shorter and shorter. When did my baby boy grow up? Luke got home from school and wanted to sell some cookies for back to school. Luke made $10 in about 30 mins. The neighbors, gardeners and mail lady are very good to him. Did I mention how much I love this boy!


  1. So cute! Love that little boy. Maybe it's time for another...ha!

  2. Vivie just said, "Is that Luke? I like Luke!" I thought that was funny... and yes, what a cutie patootie-- your total bud.

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